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Homes should be available for move-in within 5-10 days of Vacancy Date, depending on extent of make-ready. Please click on the arrows below to scroll through and view our upcoming rentals.

  • 6910 Fremont, Apt. A, Vacancy Date: 4/18/14

    2BR/1BA/2CA - $725 per month-Pet Allowed

  • 4420 36th Street-Vacancy Date: 04/30/14

    2BR/1BA - $650 per month-No Pet Allowed

  • 4920 60th Street, Vacancy Date: 04/30/14

    3BR/3BA/1CA/1GA- $995 per month-Pet Allowed

  • 3105 110th Street, Vacancy Date: 04/30/14

    3BR/2BA/2GA- $900 per month-No Pet Allowed

  • 4416 106th, Apt. B-Vacancy Date: 04/30/14

    3BR/2.5BA/2GA-$1,450 per month-No Pet Allowed

  • 3504 Peoria, Apt. A, Vacancy Date: 5/04/14

    2BR/1BA - $410 per month-No Pet Allowed

  • 3308 25th Street, Vacancy Date: 5/15/14

    3BR/1BA/1G-$900 per month-No Pet Allowed

  • 914 82nd Street, Apt. A-Vacancy Date: 5/13/14

    2BR/1BA - $550 per month-No Pet Allowed

  • 4912 60th Street, Vacancy Date: 6/7/14

    3BR/2BA/2G-$1050 per month-No Pet Allowed

Leasing Guidelines

Finding a Rental Home Properties currently available for lease can be viewed on this page. You can select properties by location, the monthly rent amount, bedrooms, and baths. Once you have narrowed the list, down and have chosen a property please call our office to schedule an appointment to view the interior.

Application Process When you find the right property, each person over the age of 18 will need to submit an application. This can be done on line or in person at our office. Due at the time of the application is a $30.00 application fee per applicant and a copy of each applicant’s driver’s license or state identification, as well as the deposit. The property remains on the market until all application/guarantor forms, fees, and deposits have been received. Your application will be processed for approval. An agent will then notify you within 48 hours regarding approval status.

Online Application

At Pat Garrett, Realtors we have made it easy to fill out and return a Rental Application. Simply download the form and return it to us using the contact form below.

Rental Application Rental Application (66 KB)

Rental Policy

Please download and fill out our Rental Policy to accompany any rental application.

Rental Policy Rental Policy (121 KB)

Rent a House


The staff members at Pat Garrett, Realtors office will assist you in finding a suitable housing. Once you have selected and visited the right property for your needs and budget you will need to supply our office with some paper work before you can rent a property. See our leasing guidelines below.

Homes for Rent

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519 N Chicago, Apt A & Apt B
3BR/3BA/2GA $850 per month
3404 58th Street
3BR/2BA/2GA $1,175 per month
4508 35th Street, Apt. B
2BR/1BA $550 per month
4516 35th Street, Apt. B
2BR/1BA $550 per month
4818 15th Street
3BR/2BA - $895 per month
6911 Fremont, Apt. B
2BR/1BA - $725 per month
4416 106th Street, Apt. B
3BR/2.5BA/2GA - $1,450 per month
3105 110th Street, Apt. A
3BR/2BA/2GA - $900 per month
PRE-LEASING-4205 17th St
3BR/3BA $1,200 per month
PRE-LEASING-1712 23rd St-A
2BR/2BA/2GA $1,000 per month
PRE-LEASING-3409 33rd St.
3BR/2.5BA/1GA $1,600 per month
PRE-LEASING-2628 26th-Apt. A
2BR/1BA $1100 per month
PRE-LEASING-1713 23rd St.
3BR/2BA $1,200 per month